Wholesale Market In Kolkata For Cosmetics

Are you planning to start a cosmetics business? Narrow lanes of Canning street, Burrabazar is the best wholesale market in Kolkata for cosmetics. Burrabazar is the commercial hub of Kolkata. It is also one of the largest wholesale markets in Asia. People from across the country & neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh & Myanmar come to shop for their business.

Wholesale market in Kolkata for cosmetics

The traders of Burrabazar are doing business for generations. Some of them have more than one shop here. They are trustworthy and soft-spoken.

Whether you want to start a cosmetics business, or if you need to make a bulk purchase for your shop, one should always head for Burrabazar.
One can get varieties of cosmetics in all the ranges in the Burrabazar wholesale market in Kolkata. You can purchase nail polish starting from Rs. 3, Lipstick for Rs. 5, Kajal starting Rs. 50 paise, face powder for Rs. 10, and many more items at cheap rates. One can also find imitation Jewellery, rubber bands, hair clips, hair bands, Clutch in the markets.

These wholesalers do not sell loose items, and one has to buy the full packs(dozen items).

You will also find branded perfume and body spray wholesalers. They keep many branded and non-branded products such as Denver, Ramson’s, Wild stone, Fogg, Axe, etc. On branded body sprays, one will get a minimum discount of 100 Rs. on the MRP.

Beware, in Burrabazar, some shops also deal in duplicate. One has to be careful while placing the order.

Canning Street, Old China Bazar Street, and Ezra Street of Burrabazar are the hub of the wholesale market in Kolkata for cosmetics. Ram Rahim market in Old China Bazar street has many wholesale cosmetics shops. In Ezra street, one can find cosmetics in the upper segment.

Burrabazar - Canning Street
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One can get all the local and branded, latest manufactured items in the shops of Canning street, Burrabazar. Naked, Huda Beauty, Color Cool, Max Heaven, Green, MAC, RDS, Maybelline, Color girl, Swiss Beauty, Lakme, Ponds, Biotique, Sunsilk, Dove, Colorbar, VLCC, Garnier, Himalaya, etc.

On branded items, there is little profit. But, if one places bulk order, then the seller gives more discount. In Ezra Street, you will get the branded items. On branded cosmetics, one can get a 10 – 40% discount on MRP.

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The buyers can also place the order online. Most of the wholesalers provide their Whatsapp numbers. They share the catalogs with the buyers on WhatsApp. The buyer can also view the products on a video call. From there, the merchant can select the items and place an order. Wholesalers accept online payment via Paytm, Google Pay, or bank transfer.

The wholesalers of Burrabazar provide the transport facility of the product. They deliver in the whole of India and neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

For in-store purchases, then there is no limit on the minimum amount of orders. But, in the case of online orders, sellers have a minimum limit on order amount. Generally, it starts from Rs. 3000.

Some sellers also have a return policy. In case, the buyer is unable to sell the product, or if there is an issue with the product, then the wholesalers exchange the items. You also get a guarantee on some items.

How To reach Burrabazar

By Train

Canning street is around 3 Km from Howrah station. From Howrah station, one has to take a bus or taxi to reach Burrabazar. By taxi, it takes around 10 mins, and buses can take up to 30 mins from Howrah Station.

By Air

Burrabazar is 15 Km from the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International airport, Kolkata. One can hire a taxi to reach here.

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